More Than a Self Defense Keychain

Don't take your safety for granted. Get the smarter personal safety system, built for the challenges you face every day. At work and play.
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The Compact POM Device

Take Control Of Your Safety

Because Every Second Counts
Trigger the POM by just a tap, no unlocking your phone needed.
The Best Timed Phone Call
Trigger a call or text to your phone, giving you a reason to leave.
Virtual Guardian Mode
Enter your planned destination and arrival time. POM will trigger an alarm if you don't check in.
Give Emergency Dispatch Everything in Seconds
Talk with a POM Response Emergency Dispatcher who can see your precise location and profile in seconds.
Built For Privacy
You control who you want to share your location with, and your profile is only available to our trained emergency dispatchers.
Accurate Location & Finder
Use your POM Safe app to know exactly where your POM is, with a ring mode so you can hear it.

Why POM Safe?

POM Safe is your complete personal safety system designed to give you the tools to proactively and reactively protect yourself.
Be Safe By Being Proactive

Your Safety System

POM Safe is connected to your phone via bluetooth and is synced with your POM Safe app. Available for iOS and Android.
The POM Safe App - free for Apple and Android devices
POM Safe Provides Multi Layered Security

Don't Take Your Safety For Granted

Woman Running
Use the Virtual Escort Feature to plan your run, trip or night out. Know you have a device that allows you to respond to anything that doesn't feel right.
Proactive Safety
Use the Fake Call feature to get out of an uncomfortable situation or contact POM Response if you're feeling unsafe.
Emergency Response
Trigger an emergency call, with POM Response, our dispatchers know who you are as soon as you're connected in a few seconds.

Your Personal Safety Deserves More Than a Siren

Free Shipping & Free Returns
We ship most orders sameday, with free shipping and a free 30-day return policy.
Long Lasting Battery
POM is designed to last up to 10 days between charges.
Compact & Discreet
The best things come in small packages. POM is designed to be as tough and discreet as you.
Haptic Feedback
Discreetly trigger an alert or call by touch without anyone knowing.
2-Way Speaker
Speak to and hear emergency responders directly through your POM, with a clear 2-way speaker.
Made in the USA
We design and manufacture every POM here in the USA.

POM Safe Reviews

Alexandria, Student
It definitely gives my family and I a piece of mind when I’m out and about away from their connection. I’m just a click away to safety.
Alexandria, Student
Diana, Real Estate Agent
As a realtor, I’m usually working alone showing houses or meeting with clients so it’s nice to have POM for extra backup in case of emergency.
Diana, Real Estate Agent
Jess, Student
I have the POM with me all the time. When I walk at alone or at night I can triple tap and POM is on the other end.
Jess, Student
Faye, Nurse
This is a great invention and investment for your safety. I had a bad experience while out riding my bicycle last month and started looking for ways to protect myself. The customer service was unbelievable and I feel like I can call them friends now! I love it and I feel safe while out and about, especially in areas that I’m not familiar!
Faye, Nurse
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